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Toffee Testimonials-old


Many have called or written to share their enthusiasm for our “little pieces of conversation”. The word of mouth is delicious!

Catherine's toffee is amazing! I brought some home to my family and friends and they loved it. I used the Toffee Crumble Mumble topping to sprinkle on cupcakes, which was awesome. The toffee truly is a piece of conversation because I cannot stop talking about it to people.”  – Julie R.

Hi my name is Sam, I'm 9 years old. All my friends at school love Catherine's toffee. My second grade teacher has a big sweet tooth, so I always knew what to give her as a gift.”- Sam P.

When someone asks me, what's your favorite type of sweet; Toffee Talk immediately pops into my head!  It's not just the taste, but the texture is amazing also!” – Jennifer L.

 If you ever want to be someone’s best friend, get out of the doghouse, make a good first impression, and be the best neighbor on the block…just give a gift of Toffee Talk and you are golden!” Jaki  B.

“Catherine's toffee is fabulous! I plan to share with my family as gifts during the upcoming holidays! A wonderful gift for all occasions.” - Gabriela R.

“I give Toffee Talk to all of my girls' teachers for the holidays and they just rave! I cannot promise better grades for you kids, but...”   - Kristen M.

“Toffee Talk is the best TOFFEE your lips will ever touch!!!”  - Christine E.

“Best toffee I have ever had! I sent a tin to my Father who is a candy hoarder - he enjoys sweets but can make a box last forever. His toffee was gone in two days.” – Janet S.

“Being British, I grew up surrounded by toffee and never cared for it much. However, my wife brought home a pound of Toffee Talk and it was not enough. Bravo!”  - Ian B.

“No one can eat just one of Catherine’s toffee. It is melt-in-your mouth incredible! Beautiful packaging for all sorts of occasions, and a great hostess gift.” – Katie M.

“I'm ABSOLUTELY addicted to this AMAZING toffee. The texture is perfect; it just melts in your mouth, leaving you wanting for more. This toffee is hand made with love.” – Yvette P.

“Toffee lovers look out- this is the best! Great crunch, deliciously buttery, just the perfect sweetness and never skimpy on the chocolate. You have to get 2 when you give gifts - one for you and the other for your friend!” - Rebecca

“Whenever we have a bag or two in our house, I have to hide it from my mom, otherwise there would not be any left, for the rest of us. This is really good Toffee! I should know, I'm a kid.”  – Sam P. 

"Meltingly good toffee" is a good description. Red walnut is the best toffee I've ever had. Good job toffee talk!” – David I.

“English toffee is usually made with almond but Cathy’s idea to also use walnuts', peanuts, or pecans is brilliant!” – Suzy S.

“In the last year, I have given Toffee Talk as gifts dozens of times. In about 6-8 cases, the receiver has told me that toffee is their favorite treat and that they're either self-proclaimed "toffee snobs" or that they have secret unsurpassed family toffee recipes. I'm happy to share that in EACH case they have succumbed to Toffee Talk! Toffee Talk is a can't-miss-hit gift surely to please. Don't trust me, trust the "toffee snobs". ;-)” – Lance B.

“Catherine gave me a bag as a gift to take home... one bite... and the entire bag was eaten on the span of the Bay Bridge. It's the most delicious candy I've ever eaten... honest!! The red walnut is exceptional.” – Sherry G.

“This toffee is the best! Pecan is my favorite, and I have to keep it in the basement, as it is too easy to snack all day. I give it to my book club members at Christmas and they can’t wait for more.” – Ellin F.

“The toffee is absolutely yummy...my favorite is the pecan and red walnut. I bought a bag and started munching on it on my drive home. By the time I got home....all gone! So delicious and I keep coming back for more!” – Grace N.

“I love munching on this toffee. A truly superior product, and so beautifully presented. A perfect gift for almost any occasion.!” - Judith A.

“This is the real deal! Have had deliveries to both New York and California for dinner parties - and without question, Toffee Talk is a hit coast to coast! If you know a true toffee lover - they need to try this!!!”  - Alan C.

“Catherine's Toffee speaks for itself.  Exquisite and absolutely delicious! I received some as a gift initially...and was thrilled. Now, it's my gift to give...and the response has been overwhelming!”  - Hannele G. 

“Great care package for that student in college - can't wait to receive it in my mail box every month.” -  Charlie P. – School of Visual Arts NYC 

“Toffee Talk is the ideal Teacher Gift! My son gave beautiful gift bags to thank his teachers for writing college recommendation letters, and they loved it! Several said they hid the candy from their families so that they could savor it themselves.”  – Claire F. 

 “Amazing toffee! I think Catherine is the "Toffee Whisperer". Magical!!” – Tim B.