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Featured Products

  • Tin
    A whole pound of toffee fits into this sleek, shiny tin. Untie the bow, enjoy the toffee and then save the tin to store whatever you please.
  • Kraft Box
    Kraft Box
    This eco-chic corrugated cardboard box with the big bow holds a half-pound of toffee - your choice of nut.

About Us

Welcome to Toffee Talk, toffee so delicious, people just can’t stop talking about it.  Enjoy our “little bits of conversation” at home, or give Toffee Talk as a gourmet gift for any occasion.

Toffee Talk fans rave about how “perfect” our toffee is. Some compliment us on the just-right nut to toffee ratio and the just-so thickness of the chocolate coating. Others praise the toffee’s texture – not too hard, not too sticky. Inevitably, people ask us if we have a “secret ingredient.” The truth is, we don’t.

It all started in a Piedmont kitchen, when Catherine Hughes was a little girl helping her godmother make her signature toffee. For Catherine and her cousin Ellin Purdom, that crunchy confection was a staple of family celebrations.