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Toffee Talk Info


Toffee Talk fans rave about how “perfect” our toffee is. Some compliment us on the just-right nut to toffee ratio and the just-so thickness of the chocolate coating. Others praise the toffee’s texture – not too hard, not too sticky. Inevitably, people ask us if we have a “secret ingredient.” The truth is, we don’t.

There is no magic formula behind Toffee Talk: Our secret ingredient is the extra care we put into making it. We made many trial batches of Toffee to perfect our recipe. We tried 20 butters and a dozen varieties of chocolate before settling on perfect combination of ingredients. We’re very picky about buying the highest quality nuts. Almonds provide the traditional crunch. Pecans are softer and add a touch of refinement. Unique to California, red walnuts provide local color – and flavor. And the addition of peanut butter chips to our peanut Toffee Talk makes it a hit with children of all ages. Read more. 

Do you have a favorite nut?  (No, your ditzy Aunt Hilda doesn’t count). If you have an idea for expanding our flavor options, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us.