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Celebrity/Event Showcase

It’s fitting that a candy that gets people talking should have an active social life. And Toffee Talk certainly does. We’ve been invited to fill celebrity goody bags at the Emmy Awards and movie premieres. We attend glamorous galas, and are a featured retailer on famous food blogs. Despite our high profile, nobody ever seems to care what we wear, just as long as we bring the toffee.


2014 DPA Pre- Emmy Gift Suite


 angela-basset-edited.jpg  beau-bridges-edited.jpg
Angela Basset Beau Bridges
alex-fernandez-edited.jpg  george-rr-martin-edited.jpg 
Alex Fernandez George R R Martin
 rj-mitte-edited.jpg  kumail-nanjiani-edited.jpg
R J Mitte Kumail Nanjiani
 open-air-stero-group-edited.jpg  martin-starr-edited.jpg
Open Air Stereo Group Martin Starr
Matt Walsh  



DPA Golden Globes Gift Suite

Toffee Talk spent three days at the exclusive DPA Golden Globes gift suite in beautiful Beverly Hills! We met and gave toffee to Hollywood actors including Kristen Schaal from 30 rock, Lesley Nicol from Downton Abbey, Dot Marie Jones from Glee, Tony Denison from Major Crimes, and Steven Michael Quezada from Breaking Bad. We also had multiple interviews from local TV stations- check them out on our press/media page! 

dotm.png kristenm.png
Dot Marie Jones Kristen Schall
leslien.png michaelq.png
 Lesley Nicol  Steven Michael Quezada
Tony Denison


The Pete Holmes Show




Pete Holmes  


 Premier of Cars 2

cars1.png cars2.png


Google MicroKitchen 5.0

cars4.png cars5.png

Red Tie Gala November 14th, 2010 


Daytime Emmy’s Goodie Bags 

emmy1.png emmy2.png


2011 / 2012 Speak to Me Series