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Toffee Talk is handmade from the best butter, chocolate and nuts available. The toffee center has the perfect consistency - not too hard, not too sticky - with just a hint of saltiness. We use the finest almonds, pecans, red walnuts or peanuts, in just the right amount. (Peanut Toffee Talk also contains a not-so-secret ingredient, peanut butter chips!) And the dark chocolate coating is just the right thickness to complement the toffee and nuts.

Crumble Mumble

Crumble Mumble is made for people who just love our toffee to pieces. We save every morsel that’s left after we hand break our toffee, and these little bits of toffee, chocolate and four kinds of nuts are a hit wherever they land. Sprinkle Crumble Mumble on ice cream, oatmeal, and regular or frozen yogurt. Jazz up a cheesecake or layer cake with a handful of Crumble Mumble… or eat it straight out of the mason jar! Yum-ble yum-ble!